Alumni Association

The College has a registered Alumni Association. It has been enthusiastically constituted in 2005. The Association has been registered as “Berhampore Girls’ College Praktani” on 06.-8.2007. Since its inception it has been playing the role of guidance and supervision to the present generation of the institute.

Aims and Objectives of the Alumni:
To make a bridge between the past and present generation of the institute and to motivate the alumni, present students and staff members perform social activities.

To encourage the present generation for the enhancement of academic and cultural excellence of the institute.

To uphold the golden past of the college.

To organise seminars/workshops on the issues related to women’s right from time to time

To participate in the day-to-day activities of the college.

To keep records of the alumni and their address for the maintenance of onward communication.

To ensure collective effort for the development of the college. To extend helping hands to the alumni and the present students and staff members who need help.