Institutional Distinctiveness

Berhampore Girls’ College is one of the oldest government sponsored girls’ college in West Bengal. The motto of the institution is “SA VIDYA YA BIMUKTAYE”, education leads to salvation. The mission of the institution is to empower young girls and emancipate them through education and to provide an academic environment that emphasizes critical thinking, encourages creativity and develops a sense of social responsibility.

The major issues relating to the area of distinctiveness are mentioned below:

A number of students of the college are first generation learners and the faculty members always pay special attention to motivate them. The students of different departments of the college have consistently secured the top 10 ranks in the university examinations. Best performers are awarded with college prizes and many memorial prizes and cash prizes. Awarding the students with different prizes is considered as one of the best practices of the college.

Berhampore Girls’ College Praktani, registered Alumni Association of the college has been playing a major role towards guidance and supervision to the present generation of the institution since its inception. Sometimes, the Association comes forward with financial support for the welfare of the college and sometimes it extends helping hands with financial assistance to the needy students of the institute. It celebrates Re-union on 26th January every alternative year, organizes seminars and publishes Annual Magazine regularly. The college has a record of distinguished alumni who have illustrious position in the society.

The college has successfully maintained an environment which is immune to the influence of any political party. The Berhampore Girls’ College Students’ Union, which is the elected students’ body of the college, acts to promote academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This may be seen as one of the notable distinctiveness of the college.

It deserves to be mentioned that Saraswati Puja celebration of the institution has a rich tradition. The students and teachers irrespective of caste and creed enthusiastically participate in this grand event. Another remarkable area where the students uphold the pride of the institution is Youth Parliament Competition. Besides quality education the college pays special attention to encourage the students by appreciating their performance in all spheres with rewards. Various cultural programs like Foundation day celebration, Annual cultural function etc. are organized and performed by the students under the supervision of the teachers. Continuation of this heritage with pride has been definitely one of the most important achievements, which itself speaks for the distinct nature of this institution.

The college has also an endeavour since its inception to create an eco-friendly environment in the institute. A garden of diverse flora surrounded by many rare species is a traditional feature of the institute.