Support Services

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.:

There remains a collective effort to sustain the physical, academic and support facilities by implementing decentralized policy measures. In fact, there is a structural support mechanism for maintaining and utilizing infrastructural facilities. Generally, the grants received from the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal as well as UGC are utilized for the upgradation of the laboratories, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms, canteen facilities. Sometimes, these facilities are also maintained from the college fund. It is worth noting that the infrastructural development also takes place from endowments received from distinguished personalities, institutions and business houses like the fund amounting to Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakh) received from P.C. Chandra Group for the upgradation of college library and the donation amounting to Rs. 40,00000.00/- (Rupees forty lakh) to be received from Dr. Subrata Dutta Chaudhuri for the construction of P.G. Block. The structural mechanism ensures the support facilities available with the proper functioning of the several Sub-committees some of which may be mentioned here like: (i) Planning Committee; (ii) Hostel Committee; (iii) Library Committee; (iv) Academic Committee; (v) Grievance Redressal Cell; (vi) Students’ Welfare Committee; (vii) Computer Centre and Website maintenance Committee; (viii) Building Repair and Minor Construction Sub-committee; (ix) Purchase Committee; (x) Magazine Sub-committee; (xi) Canteen Committee; (xii) Campus Maintenance and Beautification/Green and Environment Conservation Committee; (xiii) Committee on Yoga, Sports and Gymnasium; (xiv) Infrastructure development and Maintenance Committee; (xv) Health Centre Committee etc. –

Following the Post-Accreditation period, it deserves mention that as per NAAC recommendation and to sustain a good teacher-student ratio the teaching strength of the college has been substantially increased. Two additional PG Programmes – English and History (as per NAAC recommendation) have been introduced. The provision of separate Departmental Staff Rooms has been created with a view to provide more working space and strengthen interaction with the students. It deserves mention that the college Library runs smoothly as per decisions taken in the Meeting of the Library Committee. During the 2019-2020 session the number of newly added books in the library amounts to 885 and the total number of books as on 31.03.2020 is 40,307. The Library has purchased books amounting to Rs. 3,31,287/- during the session. The Library ICT Infrastructure during the session 2019-2020, comprised:

Total number of Computers – 7
Zenith Desktop Computer – 2
HP All in one – 5
Total number of Printers – 4
HP Laserjet 1020 Plus Printer – 2
HP Laserjet M2727 nf (Scan+Print) – 1
Samsung Laserjetscx-4321 NS (Scan+Print) – 1
HP Server ML 110 Gen 9 – 1
CCTV – HIKVISION – 16 port

D-Link Router and Modem – 1+1 = 2

An Indoor Stadium has been constructed during the 2019–2020 session with the grant received from the Government of West Bengal. The Vertical construction of a Block for the Department of Geography was completed and the Construction of proposed PG Block is in the process. It is worth noting that both the constructions (as per NAAC recommendation) would enable proper distribution of classes as per routine and also to change the Routine of P.G. Departments from morning shift to day shift. For the creation of more accommodation facilities for the students of the college another Hostel building is under construction with the grant received from MsDP. A Canteen-cum- cafeteria space has been remodeled to provide healthy and hygienic food at subsidized rates. As part of strengthening the student support facilities, medical support is provided with the help of the health centre of the college. Laboratory upgradation with modern equipments is a continuous process that takes place on the basis of departmental requisitions.